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Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. It is also known as Chinese parsley, dhania or cilantro. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the parts most traditionally used in cooking.


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Health Benefits

  • Helps maintain good health of stomach.
  • Gives relief from anaemia.
  • Regulates menstrual cycles.
  • Regulates blood sugar.
  • Control blood sugar.
  • Promotes eye health.
  • Improves bone.
  • Aids in healthy digestion.
  • Treat skin inflammation.
  • Prevent bad breath.
  • Treat hair loss.


Coriander is one of the oldest herbs and spices on record. Coriander was mentioned in the Bible, and the seeds have been found in ruins dating back to 5000 B.C. Its name comes from the Greek word koris, meaning a stink bug.


Please note that you should store Coriander in an airtight glass or tin container in a dark place with low humidity.