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Coffee Powder


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of berries from certain Coffea species. When coffee berries turn from green to bright red in color – indicating ripeness – they are picked, processed, and dried. Dried coffee seeds are roasted to varying degrees, depending on the desired flavor.


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  • 100% Ceylon Coffee Powder

Health Benefits

  • Lowers prostate cancer risk.
  • May reduce memory loss.
  • Protection against Alzheimer’s.
  • Enhances long term memories.
  • Helps prevent diabetes.
  • Prevent kidney stones.
  • Cut liver cancer risk.
  • Reduces colon cancer risk.
  • Cut skin cancer risk.
  • Inhibits depression.


The original domesticated coffee plant is said to have been from Harar, and the native population is thought to be derived from Ethiopia with distinct nearby populations in Sudan and Kenya. Coffee was primarily consumed in the Islamic world where it originated and was directly related to religious practices.


Please note that you should store Coffee in an airtight glass or tin container in a dark place with low humidity.